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Prevent Credit Card Fraud!
Global credit card fraud costs businesses like yours $190 billion every year. The good news is that much of that fraud is preventable. FraudStop can protect your business and save you thousands of dollars by stopping fraud before it happens.

group transaction attempts by date and time

FraudStop intelligently groups transaction attempts by date and time to prevent automated and repetitive attacks.

What Others Are Saying
“If I had been using this a month ago it would have saved me over $100 in transaction processing fees. Since I installed it I'm now protected from automated credit card hackers!”
- Daniel Watrous
A simple solution to stop automated and repetitive credit card fraud attacks. FraudStop monitors the number of transaction attempts from any one source in order to block scammers and hackers. Save money and reduce the risk of chargebacks related to credit card fraud with FraudStop.
Powerful SSL security

Protected by industry standard SSL security to keep your data safe. No customer information is required. Any data sent to FraudStop can be encrypted and encoded.

Minimal configuration, no programming.
  • Minimal configuration.
  • No programming required. FraudStop comes integrated with popular credit card payment software.
  • Ultra fast. FraudStop was designed to make your transactions fast.

FraudStop provides powerful protection against credit card fraud. Secure your commerce site against hackers and scammers. Save money by eliminating per transaction fees and chargebacks.

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